Webinar Jam Full Review (2021)

WebinarJam Review

If you are selling any high end product or service, you should think about adding a webinar to your arsenal of tools. According to Niel Patel, the best ones have conversion rates of 19%. This is much greater than the industry average of 3 – 5%.

Part of achieving a higher conversion rate is selecting the right webinar software for your needs. We go into depth on different webinar softwares in our review here.

But if you’re looking for the best overall tool – look no further than WebinarJam. Trusted by over 50,000 customers in 40 different industries – they have to be doing something right. 

Does it really live up to its hype? Let’s find out.

Disclaimer: I receive affiliate compensation for any of the links you click. This will not cost you anything and helps us keep the lights on and produce high quality content. Rest assured, this is an unbiased review of WebinarJam. You can read our full affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

What is Webinar Jam?

WebinarJam is a webinar software platform that is completely cloud based and allows you to create engaging videos to sell your products/services. 

They are owned by Genesis Digital who launched their flagship product WebinarJam in November 2013. So the software has been around for a while. 

Since its inception, the tool has been developed further based on customer feedback and now features a whole host of exciting features such as:

  • Highly customised landing page and video templates
  • Cross browser compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer)
  • Built in auto-responder
  • HD video and audio
  • Minimal lag time
  • Full compatibility across all operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu)
  • Automatic webinar recording
  • Automatic upload to cloud servers
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Product pop ups mid-webinar
  • Countdown and scarcity timer
  • Social streaming onto Facebook Live and Youtube Live
  • HTTPS security
  • Password protected private rooms
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Polls and questionnaires 
  • Attendee engagement analysis

WebinarJam provides engagement through its Q&A sessions, but you can also configure one-on-one sessions for more intimate conversations with your clients. My favourite feature of webinarJam is its ability to customize webinar templates. 

This allows you to use your own specific branding and provide a more cohesive experience to the attendee. 

WebinarJam has a whole host of unique features that separate it from the pack. My favourite is the Panic Button – this seamlessly transfers all your attendees and yourself into a new room in case there are any technical issues.

I’ve had this happen so many times when I’ve been presenting and it is just a lifesaver! I’ve yet to find another webinar solution that has a similar feature. 

WebinarJam combines high tech precision, fantastic flexibility and affordable prices in an easy-to-use, beginner friendly package. 

Webinar Jam Review

From my personal experience and sifting through online reviews, WebinarJam is up there with the best webinar platforms of today. Let me start with a list of it’s features:

1. Compatibility with multiple devices

With WebinarJam, it doesn’t matter what software your attendee is using. They have configured the platform to be compatible across multiple devices. 

Furthermore, they even broadcast to all devices in full HD so the attendee gets a seamless experience. 

They make the viewing experience very consistent across all devices as you can see below displaying chat as well as video.

2. The Panic Button

My personal favourite feature … and my lifesaver on multiple occasions. The Panic button is something that I haven’t seen in other webinar software. It allows you to reboot the room and transfer yourself as well as other attendees to a new room.

Technical mishaps are bound to happen, but I like how WebinarJam is trying to work around that through their Panic Button. 

I like the fact that they make the transition seamless so the experience isn’t disrupted for the attendee. 

3. Multi presenter mode

WebinarJam allows up to 6 presenters in a single view. This is perfect for hosting formats such as fireside chats or roundtables. They use their own proprietary cloud based broadcast technology to help you reach up to 5,000 people. 

The great thing about having multiple presenters is that it instantly adds credibility to your brand. Furthermore, if these presenters have an existing audience or following, they may be interested in joining the webinar as well. 

4. Integrations and automations with software such as Zapier

If you are more technically savvy, you will probably appreciate the wide variety of integrations that can be configured with WebinarJam. They have a custom API that allows you to create automations using software such as Zapier.

This is really powerful because it allows you to send certain emails to say those who have purchased or those who have left the webinar. You can send a thank you email automatically to those who purchased and retarget those who have left via Facebook ads. 

5. Automated Recordings

Another great feature is their automated recordings which mimics not only your presentation but every single thing that happens in the room. This makes it all the more realistic when you are using these recordings as replays for new attendees.

Your audience will not be able to tell whether or not the webinar is pre-recorded or live thanks to this special feature. 

6. Flexible Scheduling

One of the issues I’ve seen with other webinar software is that it takes some time to schedule webinars. With WebinarJam, they have simplified the process. You can choose to start a session immediately and even have the choice of leaving a room that is always open. 

This way you can use it whenever the need arises. The flexibility and possibilities are endless with this. 

7. Attendees spotlight

Engagement is sometimes difficult with webinars and it’s boring if you feel like you are being lectured at. Luckily, WebinarJam comes with a feature that allows you to bring attendees on as speakers (if you choose). 

This is really useful if you want to engage your audience with live Q&A after the webinar pitch and presentation is over. If you are reusing the webinar as well, having a guest come on makes it seem much more spontaneous and less salesy.

8. Custom page builder

WebinarJam features its own page builder which allows you to build high converting web pages. They even provide free hosting for these pages and automatic A/B split testing software. This allows you to determine which landing pages actually convert better. 

Check out some of the beautiful pages that other WebinarJam users have built with this tool:

9. Sophisticated emailing system

WebinarJam cut no corners when it came to designing their email system to engage prospects. They have their own dashboard that allows you to easily schedule emails pre and post webinar. This is useful for reminding attendees of the upcoming webinar. It can also help you upsell offers exclusive to your webinar viewers. 

They have even extended this functionality to SMS. 

10. Active Offers on Webinar

Another really great feature is their active offer panel and tab. This allows you to present a custom offer for your course. They have an easily configurable amount and scarcity timer. 

This can be done with just the click of a mouse. So if you are selling any digital product or course, this is a perfect way to upsell since your audience is already highly engaged.

11. Surveys and Polls

Understanding your audience is key if you want to sell them the correct product and service. With WebinarJam you can pop surveys up just at the right time and get instant feedback from your audiences. These insights are saved and captured on the database so that you can easily sell the right products.

For example, in the case of the favorite dish question above – you can send a custom link to each participant after with a blog post on how to make that specific dish. 

This is very targeted and is a much more personalised way of communicating.

12. HD PowerPoint Presentations

WebinarJam has very powerful integrations with standard presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote. 

You can simply upload them onto the webinar and move seamlessly between the slides. You don’t need to change tabs or go out of the software. This makes your presentation look much more professional. 

13. CRM Integrations

If you have tried webinars before, you know that one of the biggest issues is categorising and segmenting those who have attended. WebinarJam makes this easy through its integrations with existing CRM software.

They have developed a smart API that is highly customizable and configurable. You can automatically segment different users into different lists to promote different products/services. You can even identify those who have left early and send them the replay video. This way they still have access to your content after. 

14. Drawing Board

If you want to add your personal touch to your presentation, WebinarJam offers a drawing board. This allows you to enrich your decks with handwritten notes and emphasise certain parts much more clearly.

It elevates your presentation from cold and distant to warm and personal. You can also select from their preset lists of shapes such as circles and arrows if you want to highlight things clearly.

15. Inject pre-recorded footage

In certain circumstances, you may want to use or reference previous footage. It could be tiresome to repeatedly do the same webinar again and again. One solution for this is to insert a recording of your best run through and simply stay until the end for the live Q&A.

This saves you time and energy as well as keeps you more fresh for the questions. These video injections seamlessly work so the audience does not feel disconnected at all. It would seem like you are doing the presentation in real life. 

16. One Click Registration

No one likes filling out their details on a website (even if they are short and well designed(. Luckily, WebinarJam has made it easy to capture emails with their One-Click Registration technology. All your attendee has to do is click the link once and they are auto-registered.

WebinarJam intelligently extracts all the necessary information without the user having to do anything. All that is needed is to send the guest an email with a special link. This works with any auto-responder!

17. Free or Paid Options

If you have high value content that you want to share – it would be a waste giving it away for free. That’s why WebinarJam allows you to select either the free or paid option. If you are doing a bespoke group consulting call then it would be better to charge a small fee – this way your leads are much higher quality.

If you just want to get the message of your brand out then opt for the free webinar. Either way the flexibility that this gives you is great and allows you to tailor your content appropriately. 

18. Central dashboard & hub

It’s a hassle having to both deliver a presentation and manage attendees in real time. WebinarJam have solved this problem through their control center. Essentially, it’s a hub that allows another team member or staff to moderate chat and Q&A. 

They can even publish offers in real time as you speak and poll the audience at the right time. This way you can focus entirely on delivering your presentation. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed anymore as the control center is very user friendly.

19. Always On Room 

If you or your company has recurring meetings, you can opt to have an always on room. This makes it so that the host of the room does not have to be in to start the meeting. I’ve had so many instances on Zoom calls where we just couldn’t start the meeting due to the host not being there. Well this solves the problem. Nothing to configure. Nothing to prepare. Just one click and the same URL. 

20. Password Protected Room

The worst thing that can happen is someone hijacking your session. Luckily, WebinarJam has the option of password protecting your rooms. This is particularly helpful if you have a very exclusive set of attendees and want to ensure the best experience possible for them. It could also be that the topics discussed are very sensitive in nature. 

Password protection gives you peace of mind that only the ones who are invited can access the room.

21. Real Time Analytics

WebinarJam gives you the ability to understand your users in real time thanks to its advanced analytics features. You can see things such as the sign up and show up rate %. You can even see the number of attendees who have replayed the session.

This makes it very easy to track your presentation quality and pinpoint areas of improvement. It keeps you and your team accountable.

22. Customised room design

You want your room to represent your brand as accurately as possible. WebinarJam provides you the tools to customise the color palette of the room. This way your marketing and messaging is more consistent and cohesive. It may seem like a small things – but it goes a long way into making you look much more professional. 

23. In-Webinar Handouts

If you are presenting a more complex webinar or simply want your audience to have some reference material on hand, it couldn’t be any easier. Handouts allow you to share material.

You would simply upload them onto the webinar and all participants will be able to see. This also incentivises your audience to join pre-webinar. For example, you could run a promotion where you get a free ebook or PDF when you join the webinar.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam offers three tiers of pricing, each of which has a wide range of features. 



This is the first plan. It costs $499/year and is billed annually. This is the perfect choice for those who are just starting out and is best suited for beginners. The basic plan has:

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Up to 2 presenters
  • Up to 500 attendees
  • 2 hours max duration


This is the second plan for more intermediate users. This plan costs just $699/year when billed annually. This is a great plan for those looking for some extra features. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Up to 4 presenters
  • Up to 2,000 attendees
  • 3 hours max duration
  • Always-On live room
  • The Panic Button


The final plan is targeted more towards experts. If you are using webinars consistently then definitely consider this package. It offers a whole host of benefits when compared to the other two. 

It is slightly pricier at $999/year but you definitely get your money’s worth – here is a list of the features:

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Up to 6 presenters
  • Up to 5,000 attendees
  • 4 hours max duration
  • Always-On live room
  • The Panic Button
  • The Control Centre

WebinarJam is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee that is 100% risk free with all plans. So it is very easy to cancel if you aren’t fond of the platform.

WebinarJam Pros

WebinarJam has a list of prominent pros. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Pricepoint of “Basic” plan is one of the lowest in the market
  • Intuitive and easy user interface
  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • Multiple training videos and tutorial hub at no extra cost
  • Automatic recording of webinars
  • Compatible across all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Compatible across all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge)
  • Highly customisable landing page builder
  • Video injection of previous footage into existing webinar
  • HD quality video
  • High fidelity audio
  • Drawing and interactivity tools for increased engagement
  • PageJam registration page builder proven to increase conversion rate
  • Email autoresponder for easy automation
  • Compatible with multiple languages
  • One-click registration via email
  • Integration with top shopping cart, CRM and email applications (MailChimp, Hubspot, Drip, iContact, Karta and Zapier)
  • Easy schedule management
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Blend popups, screen sharing and web camera recordings in a seamless user interface
  • Social channel integrations (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Integrates with common email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)
  • Can send SMS alerts and voice mail

Google WebinarJam and you will see a lot of raving reviews about their software. Their customer-centric approach, ease of use and attention to detail helps them differentiate themself from other webinar software providers. 

WebinarJam Cons

Even though there are many positive reviews about WebinarJam – it’s also important to see the other side of the coin before making your decision. Here are some of them:

  • Sometimes there are delays when streaming video. This can be as long as 10 seconds. It is actually quite a common problem with webinar platforms but it doesn’t impact the experience of the attendee much (they will still think it is live). 
  • “Reconnect – Connectivity Issues” button sometimes displays even when connectivity is good
  • Enterprise plan is on the pricey end so compatible only for professionals & experts
  • WebinarJam used to be hosted on Google Hangouts before 2017 so it was complicated to set up and use. Now they have updated their software and it is very easy for anyone to use. Bear in mind that if you read reviews before 2017, they are most likely out of date since the platform has changed a lot. 

On the whole, the complaints on WebinarJam are few and far between. They are also continuously improving their platform so older complaints are less likely to be relevant. 

Try WebinarJam

Disclaimer: I receive affiliate compensation for any of the links you click. This will not cost you anything and helps us keep the lights on and produce high quality content. Rest assured, this is an unbiased review of WebinarJam. You can read our full affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

What are the best WebinarJam alternatives?

WebinarJam is not the only software out there. If you still have doubts about it’s features we will include 5 different options that you can also try out.

These are some of the platforms that can compete with WebinarJam:


Demio is a browser based alternative started in 2015. It has a whole range of fantastic tools that allow you to deliver quality webinars at scale. It can work for both live events and you can reuse the recording as well. 


  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • No software installation needed (browser based)
  • Robust data analytics tools
  • 14-day free trial
  • Up to 25 attendees in a single room
  • Third party integrations such as MailChimp and Zapier


  • Occasional connectivity issues
  • Pricing plans are restricted


Three different plans (starter, growth and business) at $34/month, $69/month and $163/month paid annually. They offer a 14 day free trial and 30% off in an annual subscription.


Easywebinar is the perfect solution if you’re looking for something that’s automated. They integrate with a wide variety of tools and CRM software. The tool allows you to generate leads, onboard new customers and grow your email list.


  • Wide range of API integrations 
  • 14-day free trial 
  • Robust data Analytics platform 
  • HD video quality with multiple presenters
  • Excellent webinar automation features
  • 24/7 chat support 


  • Can be difficult for a novice to set up
  • You may run into connectivity issues 


The standard price is $78 / month. The pro price is $129 / month. The Enterprise plan is very expensive at $499 / month. Luckily, they provide three months free with annual billing. However, they do not have a money back back guarantee policy.


GoToWebinar is a popular choice or webinar software. With over 2.7 million webinars hosted and over 50,000 satisfied customers – they are a trusted leader in the space. They provide easy and quick event management as well as polls to boost engagement. Automatic invitations and pop up emails make it easy to reach your potential customers.


  • You can try the software for 7-days for free
  • Software is suitable for training, marketing and internal communications
  • Allow you to brand the landing pages and registration pages 
  • Use pre-recorded events and videos 
  • Provide you at attendee reports as well as advanced analytics


  • Very expensive compared to alternatives


They have four different pricing plans. The Lite package is $49 / month. The standard package is $99 / month. The pro package is $199 / month. The Enterprise package is $399 / month. Luckily, you can save 20% on the annual package. You also have a 7-day free trial which sweetens the deal.


LiveStorm is another browser based alternative. The great thing about these guys is that they have a free plan – you can host for 20 minutes and 10 attendees. This is something I haven’t found in other webinar software. They are also 100% GDPR compliant so you know your data will be safe.


  • One click invitation
  • Embedded registration forms
  • Multi-language 24/7 support
  • Integration with thousands of apps including Zapier and MailChimp
  • Unlimited storage space


  • Delays in videos and video buffering
  • Technical issues such as room crashing


LiveStorm has 5 different pricing plans – Meet Basic, Webinar Basic, Meet Premium, Webinar Premium and Enterprise. The first two options are free. The next two are priced at $31 / months dn $99 / month. For the Enterprise option you will need a free quote.


Trusted by big names such as AppSumo, BFinance, Printful and Baremetrics – you can’t really go wrong with WebinarNinja. Users have reported being able to create a webinar in under 10 seconds flat. Additional features such as thank you letters and email templates also allow you to easily engage your leads.


  • 14 day free trial
  • 4 different types of webinar formats – automated, live, hybrid and summits
  • Very fast out of the box
  • Screen sharing
  • Multiple polls at any point in time
  • High converting landing page builder
  • Data export functionality


  • Support not as good as other webinar software providers


There are 4 different pricing tiers:

  • Starter Plan: $468 / year ($39/month). 
  • Pro Plan: $948/year ($79/month). 
  • Plus Plan: $1,548/year ($129/month). 
  • Power Plan: $2,388/year ($199/month).

Each of these come with a 14 day free trial so you can test and see if you like the features. 

WebinarJam Instructions

If you are interested in getting started with WebinarJam, I’ve written a quick guide that shows you how to get up and running as fast as possible. 

First click the “Plans and Pricing” button once you reach the homepage.

Then select the plan that you are interested in as seen below:

Since they are offering a 30-day free trial – nothing should get deducted from your account when you sign up. 

Once you log in for the first time as a new user, you will be asked to download a specific plugin/software depending on what browser you are using. Download the WebinarJam plugin and follow all the instructions below. 

The most compatible browser is Google Chrome but you can also use others such as Safari and Firefox. 

When presenting, it’s best if you use your personal computer instead of your phone because:

  • Video quality can take a hit if you are recording on your mobile phone
  • The desktop version of the app allows you to control many more things (e.g. you can do polls and popups much more easily)
  • There may be additional lag time when streaming via your mobile phone

Once you have downloaded the plugin. Log into the account and you should see something like this:

Press “My Webinars” then click “Add Webinar”. You can then select whether or not you want to do an express or full configuration.

Follow the further on screen instructions and you should be set with your webinar. They have great training videos and documentation on their website – plus their support is excellent.

So if you do have issues you can consult with them there. 

WebinarJam Tips

In order to get the most out of your webinar there are a few things you should consider:

  • Make sure that you use a computer that has high memory
  • If you are low on memory free it up beforehand
  • Do not run programs which consumed bandwidth such as YouTube or Netflix
  • Ensure that you have a high speed internet connection – this will affect the quality of your video to attendees
  • Close all tabs and browsers
  • Make sure that your microphone and camera are working properly before commencing the webinar (you may need to do some configurations to them)

If you follow these tips, you can have a smooth and seamless webinar presentation. 


You’ve made it to the end of the review. I’m sorry it was a bit of a long read but I wanted to share as much as I could about the platform and be as detailed as possible so you can make the right choice. 

If by now you still aren’t convinced of the platform. I have done a roundup review of the best webinar software here where I outlined other alternatives.

In my personal experience, nothing comes close to the functionality and features offered by WebinarJam – you would be hard pressed to find a more complete solution at the prices offered. 

They have a 30 day money back guarantee so why not try it out and see?

Try WebinarJam

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