15 Best Social Media Management Tools, Apps, and Software (2021)

The popularity of social media is only going up. 

According to the statistics, Facebook has had more than 2.6 billion monthly active users in 2020. 

Instagram also crossed the one-million threshold, and you can’t underestimate the power of Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

Social networks are a great opportunity for businesses to expand their reach, attract new customers, and take their companies forward. 

It takes time and effort to use social media to your advantage, but that’s where Social Media Management (SMM) software comes into play. 

What Is A Social Media Management Tool? 

A social media management (SMM) tool is a specialized software that focuses on helping you schedule and distribute your content optimally over social media.

In the business world, these services are used to get more people familiar with your company, increase traffic to your website, boost sales, and strengthen customer relationships.

Here are some features that SMM tools usually offer:

  • Publish content on social media – find the most relevant content, and establish a publishing schedule
  • View and reply to messages – you can use tools for quick access to reading and answering to messages received over social media
  • Monitor activity – some tools allow you to keep track of your company’s and other relevant mentions so that you don’t miss anything that might be of your business
  • Detailed analytics – you will receive comprehensive performance reports related to posts’ success

The exact features will depend on the tool you select. It’ss why you should aim to pick an SMM service that best fits your needs. 

What Is The Best Social Media Management Tool?

Here is my list of top-rated social media management tools to boost your digital marketing success.

1. Revive Old Post – Best Overall

If your website runs on WordPress CMS, Revive Old Post is the best social media plugin you can find. 

Users get full control over social shares as the tool supports networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

The tool even allows importing social media from Buffer, and these two platforms work well together.

Revive Old Post shouldn’t take more than a minute to install. Even if you are a newbie, you will feel at home immediately. 

Navigation through the intuitive menus is simple, and you can create different tags and categories for your posts.

The plugin comes with an option to share your post to social networks on publishing. Alternatively, pick a date to share later. 

You can create a schedule and revive old content by establishing a post rotation. 

Once shared, track the statistics to see if the content was successful at increasing your traffic. 

Key Features

  • Supports multiple social networks
  • Share posts when publishing
  • Connect the plugin to 50 social media accounts
  • Fetch hashtags from custom fields, tags, and categories
  • Total control over social shares


  • Easy installation
  • Different share variations available
  • Integration with Buffer is useful
  • Track the traffic from social media


  • Only available as a WordPress plugin
  • Some premium plans are expensive


Revive Old Post features a free version with limited options available. 

It only allows sharing to Twitter and Facebook, but it supports Google Analytics, using hashtags and URL shorteners. 

You can pick between three premium versions – Personal, Business, and Marketer. 

Personal costs $75/year and supports sharing on up to 50 accounts on various social networks. 

If you want to activate custom scheduling and queue management, you will need the Business version that costs $149/year

Finally, the Marketer plan is priced at $299/year and removes the limit on websites where you can use the plugin.

All premium versions are available as lifetime subscriptions, too.

Try Revive Old Post

2. Buffer – Best for a Large Number of Accounts

Do you have multiple social media accounts? 

If the answer is yes, Buffer will help you to simplify the publishing process and build brand awareness. 

It supports five social networks, and its Instagram features are impressive. 

You have the option of publishing stories and posts while also managing hashtags on this media. 

Creating a posting schedule involves using an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. 

The calendar view is useful, and it’s easy to tailor posts for each network. 

You can even add the first comment to inspire a discussion and boost engagement. 

Buffer is suitable to use on the go because it comes with dedicated iOS and Android apps. 

Users can install the Google Chrome extension to perform actions within this browser. 

If you need any help, count on the knowledge base filled with useful articles, or look for guidance from other community members.

Key Features

  • Publish and share content on social media
  • Supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Chrome extension available 
  • Android and iOS apps 
  • Free image tool included


  • Adding the first comment boosts social engagement
  • Plan posts and stories on social media
  • Detailed analytics and custom reports
  • Helpful support and community 


  • No option to search for hashtags
  • Comes with a learning curve


You can try paid plans via a 14-day free trial. 

The basic Pro option costs $15/month and supports up to 100 scheduled posts for eight different accounts. 

Adding another user is a part of the Premium plan priced at $65/month. It also includes an option to publish stories and manage hashtags on Instagram.

The most expensive Business plan costs $99/month, and it supports up to 25 social accounts and six users. It also allows scheduling up to 2,000 posts per account.

Buffer has premium plans for detailed social analytics to see how your posts performed on different networks. Their cost ranges from $35 to $50/month.  

Try Buffer

3. Crowdfire – Best for Content Curation

Before publishing posts on social media, you need to find the right content.

It should have high value to engage readers and increase traffic. That is where Crowdfire comes into play.

You can use a comprehensive content curation function to look for both posts and images from various sources. 

The tool supports RSS feeds and allows looking for infographics and videos.

Crowdfire supports Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Users work from a single dashboard, which is convenient.

Scheduling posts is simple, and the queue meter will monitor if there is sufficient activity in the days to come.

You can keep track of all comments and mentions on Twitter, and reply on the go via the mobile app. 

Fast replies are critical to establishing trust with visitors, and they can boost both traffic and sales. 

Key Features

  • Content curation 
  • Post scheduling and publishing
  • Single dashboard to publish on multiple social networks
  • Customized report builder
  • Track all mentions on social media


  • Discover articles via RSS feeds
  • Add pre-approved images to your posts
  • Post previews make your job easier
  • Queue meter analyze your social activity in the days to come


  • Limited free version 
  • No support for Facebook groups


Crowdfire offers four different plans:

Free – it allows scheduling up to ten posts per account, and seeing a content preview for different networks. Although it is free, this plan is quite limited. 

Plus – for $7.48/month, you get analytics that goes back up to 90 days, support for multiple image posts, and up to five RSS feeds. 

Premium – it costs $37.48/month and includes competitor analysis, calendar view of the schedule, and support for video posts.

VIP – the most advanced plan is priced at $74.98/month and supports up to 25 accounts and 800 posts per account. Team management and comprehensive competitor analysis are also a part of this plan.

Try Crowdfire

4. Agorapulse – Best for Teams

Agorapulse is a great choice for businesses and teams that need to manage multiple social media accounts. 

The variety of features, such as assigning tasks and grouping the audience into categories, will help to take care of every detail.

Once you register, you get access to a dashboard where you can track messages on connected social media accounts. 

It streamlines communication, and the option to access conversation history gives you a reminder of what you discussed with a particular user. 

Thanks to the tracker, you can see which member made specific changes, and when. 

Agorapulse offers a scheduling tool with many different options. You can reschedule a post at any time, and the bulk uploading feature is useful. 

Customized reports will assist in adjusting content strategy by providing details about social engagement. 

You can use a shared calendar to present the publishing strategy to clients and get their approval.

Key Features

  • Multiple scheduling options
  • Single social inbox for all platforms
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Mobile apps included
  • Team management supported


  • Excellent for agencies and businesses that have many social media accounts
  • Simple reporting system
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Group audience into segments and access conversation history


  • Pricey premium plans 
  • Facebook competitor analysis only includes a single rival


Agorapulse is available via a generous 28-day free trial, and you can request a demo tailored to your company. As for the premium plans, they are quite expensive. 

The Medium version costs $79/month and includes ad comments monitoring, a unified calendar, and multiple publishing and reporting features. 

With the Large plan priced at $159/month, you unlock support for four users and up to 25 social profiles. 

You can go with the X-Large plan, and receive group training and priority chat support for $239/month.

Agencies will appreciate the Enterprise edition that costs $399/month. It allows up to 20 users and 60 social accounts, which is more than Buffer and similar tools. 

Try Agorapulse

5. Sendible – Best for Bulk Scheduling

Do you have an agency that takes care of multiple clients? Do you work in teams on boosting social presence and generating leads? 

If the answer is yes, you will find Sendible to be a handy tool, and the 30-day free trial is sufficient to test it yourself.

Users get access to a dashboard that allows communicating with clients on different social media. 

It is possible to monitor keywords, get detailed analytics, and create reports in minutes. 

Although custom reporting is available, you won’t get an unlimited number like with Agorapulse.

Sendible offers an intuitive content calendar. You can share it with other team members, as well as clients, to get the strategy approved. 

Queues allow thinking in advance, and you have complete freedom in tailoring posts for specific social networks. 

Key Features

  • Source content by using topic suggestions
  • Preview and customize posts for each platform
  • Bulk scheduling and queues available 
  • Keyword monitoring on social networks
  • iOS and Android apps available 


  • Shared calendar allows schedule visualization
  • Apps are reliable and useful on the go
  • Receive messages from all social media to a single inbox
  • Work in teams and delegate tasks to team members


  • Interface could be more intuitive
  • Limited custom reports


Once your free trial ends, Sendible offers four premium plans:

Starter – for $29/month, you can work solo and put up to 10 posts in the queue. Bulk scheduling and content recycling, as well as quick reports, are among the available features. 

Traction – you get to work with two other team members and use different social profiles. The reports become exportable, and you can access 200+ charts to customize the analytics. Startup agencies find this plan convenient, especially with its accessible $99/month price tag. 

Growth – for $199/month, this plan secures scheduled report delivery, custom team workflows, and URL shorteners.

Large – users can fit up to 120 posts in the queue for $299/month. The plan also includes up to 60 custom reports and UTM tracking. 

You could save 15% by choosing yearly payments.

Try Sendible

6. Hootsuite – Best for Analytics and Reports

Hootsuite excels at providing detailed performance tracking and reports. 

You can choose between over 70 metrics and tailor the report to your needs. 

Thanks to comprehensive analysis, it is easier to alter the future content strategy. 

As for publishing, everything you need is there, too. You can use automatic and bulk scheduling features, and the calendar is intuitive and easy to manage. 

Working in teams is another useful option, including choosing permissions for different members. 

Accessing the content library and message approvals is available, but only in some premium plans.

Hootsuite supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and you can manage all content from a single dashboard. 

Hootsuite’s social inbox makes it easy to see messages on different networks and respond to them from a single location. 

Monitoring activity on social networks is a piece of cake and ensures you always stay in touch with the latest mentions of your brand. 

Key Features

  • Monitor social media activity
  • Single calendar to manage all social content
  • Auto and bulk scheduling
  • Customizable reports with templates


  • Social inbox simplifies client communication
  • Custom branded URLs available
  • Support for the most popular social channels
  • More than 70 metrics available for customized reports


  • Some features are only available as an add-on
  • Automatic scheduling can take time


Hootsuite includes a free plan that supports 30 messages and three social profiles. 

You can unlock up to ten profiles and unlimited scheduling with the Professional plan that costs $19/month

If you plan on working in teams, that requires paying $99/month for the Team plan. These two plans are available via a 30-day free trial.

Advanced users can choose the Business plan, which costs $599/month.

It includes up to five members and 35 social accounts, as well as priority support. Some features, such as ad campaign management and social listening, are only available as an add-on. 

Try Hootsuite

7. SocialPilot – Most Cost-Effective

SocialPilot is a cost-effective tool, which means it provides great value for the money. Solo entrepreneurs and small teams will find the prices particularly attractive. 

Once you scratch under the surface, you realize that this tool has plenty to offer.

You start by accessing an intuitive dashboard from where you manage all functions. 

SocialPilot’s curation system allows you to pick high-quality content efficiently while Integration with Canva allows you to create unique post templates. 

Use bulk scheduling options to get everything ready for days to come. 

Apart from connecting multiple social media platforms, you can also connect Facebook Ad accounts. 

The tool allows up to ten team members, which makes it easy to plan different tasks. 

SocialPilot offers customized reports with an extensive detail level. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. 

However, please note that they are only available 24×5, which means there will be no answer on weekends.

Key Features

  • Connect up to 100 social accounts
  • Single dashboard available 
  • Content curation and bulk scheduling 
  • White label PDF reports
  • Client management


  • Affordable price tag for premium plans
  • Canva integration allows creating beautiful images
  • Intuitive dashboard to manage all functions
  • Facebook Ad accounts supported


  • Comes with a learning curve
  • Customer support only available 24×5


SocialPilot provides a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card. 

If you choose the basic Professional plan for $25/month, you can connect up to 25 social profiles and two Facebook ad accounts. 

The Small Team plan is priced at $41.66/month, and it increases the limit to five team members. You also unlock social inbox, white-label reports, and unlimited client management. 

Businesses should consider the Agency plan priced at $83.33/month. It allows registering up to ten members and 100 social accounts, and it unlocks the concierge setup.

The prices mentioned are discounted, but require choosing annual payments. You can go with monthly pricing but expect a higher price.

Try SocialPilot

8. Sprout Social – Best for Building Relationships

Sprout Social is a tool that focuses on reaching the audience on various networks and communicating with them. 

It is the best choice for those who want to build stronger relationships with visitors.

Numerous features are tailored to that goal, including a smart social inbox that delivers messages from all social platforms. 

You can use the unique Discovery option to monitor visitors who you interacted with, which is a great way to maintain relationships. 

Android and iOS apps allow you to answer on the go to shorten response times. 

Message scheduling allows sending messages at specific times, which is convenient if visitors come from different time zones. 

Sprout Social allows scheduling posts in a couple of clicks. 

It offers a high level of automation with premium plans. 

That includes, but is not limited to, suggested and saved replies and automated link tracking. 

You can take advantage of paid promotion tools to improve Facebook Ad success. 

Key Features

  • Schedule, queue, and publish posts
  • Built-in calendar
  • Social inbox
  • Paid promotion tools for Facebook Ads
  • Android and iOS apps


  • Generous 30-day free trial
  • Discovery feature isn’t available with most other tools
  • Message scheduling is convenient
  • High level of automation with premium plans


  • Not a big number of social profiles supported
  • Premium plans are not affordable


Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial without requiring a credit card or software installation. 

As for premium plans, the Standard variation costs $99/month and supports up to five social profiles, review management, and CRM tools.  

If you go with the Professional plan priced at $149/month, you will receive competitive reports for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, message tagging, and reports on response times and rates. 

Advanced plan costs $249/month and supports up to ten social profiles, which is still less than with Buffer and some other tools. However, you receive automated link tracking, unlock suggested and saved replies, and get access to the content library. 

Try Sprout Social

9. CoSchedule – Best Integration with Other Platforms

CoSchedule is similar to Revive Old Post because it is also a great fit for WordPress websites. 

However, the developers took this tool’s versatility to an entirely new level. 

It is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, but also HubSpot, Mailchimp, and other useful platforms. 

You can use a Google Chrome extension to save time by performing certain actions within this browser.

CoSchedule supports six networks including Tumblr. It is not a common inclusion among SMM tools, which makes CoSchedule great for those that want to improve presence on this network. 

You will need a bit to get used to how the dashboard works, especially if you are a newbie.

Once you figure things out, you will love how CoSchedule works.

It is possible to set up blog, social, and marketing calendars, as well as manage and discuss tasks. 

You can share calendars with a read-only function so that no one changes the schedule. 

Social inbox, automation, and reports are among other features offered by this tool. 

Key Features

  • Supports six social networks
  • Integration with different platforms
  • Calendar more for scheduling posts and marketing activity
  • Google Chrome extension available 


  • Read-only calendar mode is great for avoiding unwanted changes
  • Excellent platform integration with WordPress, DropBox, etc.
  • Tumblr is an inclusion you don’t see often
  • Suitable for managing WordPress content


  • Not very friendly for newbies
  • Limited number of social profiles included


You have 14 days to try CoSchedule’s premium features. 

As for paid plans, the affordable one is named Blog Calendar and costs $14/month. You unlock social and blog calendars, task management, and discussions, as well as social campaign templates. 

The Marketing Calendar plan costs $29/month and allows sharing calendars with custom views. It supports integration with different platforms and allows connecting up to ten social profiles and users. 

You can get in touch with the service to discuss a customized package tailored to your needs.

It’s possible to buy the option to connect additional social accounts, and it costs $5/month for 10-15 profiles (depending on the plan).

Try CoSchedule

10. Meet Edgar – Most Innovative Approach

Meet Edgar – he is an octopus that specializes in digital marketing. 

Kudos to developers for coming up with a unique approach, but are the features good enough to match Crowdfire and other all-around social media tools?

It turns out that Edgar has multiple ways of helping you to manage social media. 

You can use it to find texts filled with quotes that are worth posting on social networks or use RSS feeds to browse the latest content. 

The schedule contains standard and recurring time slots, and you can also set an expiration date for posts. 

Meet Edgar supports only four networks, but we look forward to seeing more added soon. 

Meet Edgar provides extensions and bookmarklets for easier sharing, and the A/B testing is useful to find the best way to increase traffic. 

It’s possible to add both images and videos to your posts to spice up the published content. 

The tool will deliver weekly updates with social statistics. 

Key Features

  • Supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited content library
  • Connect up to 25 social accounts
  • RSS feeds and content creation tools
  • Reliable customer support
  • Chrome extensions, and Firefox/Safari Bookmarklet)


  • Recurring schedule time slots are useful
  • Import podcasts, videos, and other content via RSS feeds
  • Suggested variations help you to find quote-worthy texts
  • Native video support available 


  • Lacks support for Pinterest and Tumblr
  • Not too many social accounts supported


Meet Edgar offers a free trial that lasts only seven days. 

From there, you have to choose between the Lite and Full plan. Both plans include an unlimited content library and RSS feeds, content creation features, and social media automation. 

Edgar Lite allows users to create four content categories, ten automatically recurring time slots in the schedule, and schedule unlimited posts for $19/month

The full Edgar plan costs $49/month and allows you to connect up to 25 social accounts and create unlimited content categories.

Try Meet Edgar

11. MavSocial – Best with a Social Inbox

MavSocial promises to streamline social media management, and it delivers. 

The only downside is that the interface takes a bit of getting used to, but the variety of features compensates for that. 

You will find publishing, listening, engaging, reporting, collaboration, and curation tools for an all-around effect on social media.

From the dashboard, you can schedule and automate posts in a couple of clicks. 

MavSocial’s campaign calendar is easy to manage, and you can work with other team members, and keep track of assigned tasks. 

MavSocial allows uploading assets from Google Drive or your PC, as well as discovering exciting content free images. 

You can manage all messages received in a single inbox, as well as sort them by different parameters. 

It is possible to track campaign success and monitor general social media activity. You can use media types, languages, and other parameters to narrow your search. 

Key Features

  • Nine social platforms supported
  • Schedule, automate, and boost posts
  • Monitor social media
  • Read messages from different platforms from the dashboard
  • In-depth reports


  • High number of social networks supported
  • Filter social content to find the desired information quickly
  • Sort and respond to messages from a single inbox
  • Real-time stats for social media activity


  • Some plans are expensive
  • Not the most intuitive interface out there


Once you finish the 14-day trial, MavSocial offers these premium plans:

Advanced – the initial option that costs $16/month when billed annually. It gives you access to basic features like social inbox, app, RSS feeds, planner, calendar, and reports. 

Pro – for $65/month, you can monitor ad comments and activate social listening. 

Business – you can pay $165/month for post approvals, FB post boosting, Twitter Ads, white-labeled reports, and other features.

Enterprise – for $415/month, you can connect up to 70 social accounts and 20 users.

If you want unlimited users added to your profile, it will cost you an additional $24/month. 

Try MavSocial

12. eClincher – Best End-to-End Solution

If there is a tool that improved itself the most over time, that is eClincher. 

The developers implemented many changes to deliver a versatile solution for its users. 

Apart from supporting seven social networks, including YouTube, eClincher offers integration options with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other platforms.

Those who want to improve their Instagram presence will love eClincher. 

You can publish posts and stories, and even use Instagram Direct, as well as tagging and commenting features. 

While we are mentioning comments, you can monitor social media and read all messages in a single inbox. 

It is a convenient way that saves time and enables efficient answering to any question visitors ask.

Users can access a scheduler and calendar that looks attractive and offers simple post scheduling and content management. 

You can use dedicated workspaces for different brands, which is useful for agencies. 

Mobile apps and browser extensions allow quicker access to some features and using them on the go. 

Key Features

  • Seven social channels supported
  • Content and scheduling management
  • Mobile apps and browser extensions
  • Web and social analytics
  • Shared calendars and post approvals


  • Loaded with Instagram-related features
  • YouTube support included
  • Suggested hashtags are helpful
  • Easy to recycle evergreen content 


  • Interface comes with a couple of bugs
  • Queued posts’ dates are not that visible


eClincher uses a proven formula of offering a free trial before choosing a premium plan. 

As for paid versions, the cheapest Basic plan costs $59/month. You will be limited to working solo, but you get access to the scheduler and visual calendar, Instagram tagging and commenting, and social and web analytics.

Premier plan priced at $119/month allows team collaboration and supports registering up to three users. You get advanced automatic post options, as well as access to competitor benchmarking and media library. 

For $219/month, you purchase an Agency plan with 50 monitoring and listening feeds, unlimited brands, six users, and up to 40 social accounts. 

Try eClincher

13. Sked Social – Best for Instagram

Sked Social is a tool that focuses on providing assets for scheduling Instagram posts and stories. 

It is loaded with useful features, such as automatic posting of videos, carousels, stories, etc. You can add first comments, and activate user and location tagging. 

The platform also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

You can schedule posts on all these platforms, and expect detailed engagement reports. 

Historic insights go up to two years in the past, depending on the plan selected. The calendar utilizes a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it suitable for newbies. 

Sked Social supports Canva graphic software, and you can add filters and edit images to suit your preference. Chrome integration features Regram, which allows you to source UGC for re-posting.

Key Features

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram supported
  • Social posts’ insights and analytics
  • Multiple formats for exporting reports
  • Schedule and publish posts
  • Content creation and curation


  • Advanced analytics for Instagram stories and posts
  • Historic post insights up to two years
  • Internal user comments are convenient for team communication
  • Canva integration helps to edit images and post templates


  • Additional accounts cost extra
  • Could include support for more networks


Sked Social has four different premium plans:

Fundamentals – for $25/month, you get access to a variety of features, although there are strict limitations. You can connect up to three social media accounts (one has to be from Instagram), enjoy content creation and curation tools, schedule posts, etc. 

Essentials – the plan includes historic insights up to two years, access to a library for asset management, and competitor analysis. The monthly price for this version is $75/month.

Professional – for $135/month, you can register unlimited users, export and share data in web, excel, and PDF formats, and receive priority phone support.

Enterprise – it is the most expensive plan priced at $260/month, but it supports up to 30 social accounts. Detailed posting features and analytics will have all your needs covered. 

Try Sked Social

14. IFTTT– Best for Advanced Users

IFTTT is different then other tools listed in this text because its primary focus isn’t on managing social media. 

Instead, it offers a range of social network applets and other functions that can take your company forward. 

People who have a business app will like the options to identify new features that could be implemented for better customer experience.

The IFTTT platform is all about integrating the devices and apps you use in new ways. 

It includes multiple social media applets and opportunities. 

For example, you can post a particular photo on multiple social channels and be able to access the photo on all networks. 

IFTTT also allows leveraging hashtags to share Instagram posts to Facebook pages. 

Those who post on Twitter will have every link archived to Google Drive, and sharing posts and videos directly to Facebook is also supported. 

Although it requires some tech knowledge, this is a unique solution that advanced users will find helpful.

Key Features

  • Post photos on multiple social channels easily
  • Improve app functionality
  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Social media applets


  • Useful range of social media applets
  • Hashtags allow choosing Instagram posts to add to Facebook pages
  • Leverage brands to boost engagement


  • Not the best choice for newbies
  • No monthly plans available 


IFTTT’s applets for social media are a part of this platform’s premium plans. 

You can choose between three editions – Developer, Team, and Enterprise. 

The Developer plan costs $199/year and includes API health and performance dashboards, and x1 service with actions, triggers, and queries. 

While the Team plan is also priced at $199/year, it allows embedding integrations in various digital channels. You receive user insights and analytics, but need to pay extra for every new connected user. 

As for the Enterprise plan, you will need to contact the developers to get the price based on your needs. 


15. Tailwind – Best for Pinterest

Unlike MavSocial, which supports nine social networks, this tool takes a different approach and covers only two. 

Tailwind maximizes your brand’s potential on Pinterest and Instagram. 

The service offers unique features for both platforms, which makes it stand apart from the competition.

We loved how Tailwind covers Pinterest since it includes a photo and video support, and allows Facebook cross-posting. 

Tailwind’s true power is with Smart Loop – a feature helps you to reshare and schedule pins without logging on to Pinterest.

It allows sourcing relevant content that is virtually guaranteed to secure high engagement.

Tailwind supports up to three users with its premium plans, which makes it suitable for small teams.

Once published, you will receive weekly summary reports and have the option to check out the analytics history for up to 30 days. 

Customer support is helpful and ready to assist if you come across any issue related to the platform. 

Key Features

  • Supports Pinterest and Instagram
  • Facebook cross-posting
  • iOS mobile app and browser extension
  • Schedule content for publishing


  • Unique features for specific networks
  • Analytics history goes back up to 30 days
  • Three users included in premium plans
  • Fantastic supply of relevant content with Tribes


  • Doesn’t support other social networks
  • Managing multiple accounts can turn out to be pricey


Tailwind utilizes an interesting pricing approach tailored to Pinterest or Instagram. You can try how the tool works by using the free trial. 

If you choose Pinterest Plus, it will cost you $9.99/month per account. You will get unlimited scheduled posts, video and photo support, and access to unique SmartLoop and Tribes features. 

As for the Instagram Plus plan, it is also priced at $9.99/month per account. Apart from unlimited scheduling and bulk uploads, features include Facebook cross-posting and using your bio link to generate traffic from Instagram.

Try Tailwind

What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Media Management Tools?

You might be wondering whether you even need a social media management tool. 

If you are serious about digital marketing and establishing a presence on social networks, SMM platforms can be of great help. 

Here are their main benefits.

1. Easy Way to Manage Multiple Social Accounts

Most of your audience live on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. 

Managing multiple accounts is difficult if you have to log to different platforms several times a day. 

But what if you could use a single dashboard to monitor all social media? 

Social media tools allow you to manage different social accounts all from a single dashboard.

You will save both time and effort and don’t need to login to different accounts.

2. Schedule Posts in Advance

Social media management tools are an excellent way to get the content ready in advance and publish it at most optimal times. 

For example, you might not work on weekends, but that’s when people are most active on social media. 

Scheduling a post on Friday to be published on Saturday ensures that the engagement won’t drop on your days off.

Preparing the content in advance is a great method to counteract any unforeseen events. 

Whatever happens, the automatic scheduling option will have you covered for at least a couple of days. 

If your audience comes from different time zones, setting a posting schedule that syncs with your audiences local time can help to maximize engagement around the clock.

3. Stay in the Loop

Monitoring multiple social networks without missing anything is almost impossible. 

What if a potential client sends you an important message, but you miss it and lose an important customer? 

SMM tools allow you to stay in the loop with any relevant comments or mentions on social networks. 

You won’t miss any messages.

4. Detailed Reports and Analytics

You need data to craft the perfect social media strategy.

SMM platforms deliver comprehensive reports with accurate and detailed statistics of how your posts do.

Based on these results, you can discover which post type performs best, and select the best time to publish them on different social media websites.

Use that data to optimize your strategy and aim for content similar to the one that provided the best results in the past.

For agencies, reports are an excellent way to present results to clients and keep them in the loop. 

Many social media management tools will deliver daily or weekly stats, and they allow you to create customized reports based on your client’s needs.

Other Benefits of Social Media Management Tools

Here are some other advantages of using SMM services:

  • Find relevant content quickly – thanks to the content curation tools, you can find useful posts in no time. 
  • Simplify posting to multiple platforms – you can post to different social media platforms from a single dashboard, unify your content and enhance your branding.
  • Add images to posts – some platforms allow you to create posts with images – these are more attractive than just simple status updates.
  • Team collaboration – work with other team members, use internal comment features, delegate tasks, and see if others completed them.
  • Client approval – it’s easy to send the content you prepared to your clients for approval. 


Social media is important to your company’s digital marketing strategy. 

With millions of potential visitors as customers, it’s important to take this channel seriously.

SMM tools are designed to simplify the process of engagement so that you can focus on building and growing your business.

The important thing to consider when choosing the best social media management platform is what you expect from it. 

Some brands focus on generating traffic to their website, others want to strengthen customer relationships, and others want to grow brand awareness. 

Pick what features you need. Compare prices between tools. Read customer reviews.

Most come with a money back guarantee and free trial so theres nothing to lose.

What did you end up using in the end?

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