25 Best SEO Tools To Improve Your Ranking (2021)

TLDR: GrowthBar is the best overall SEO tool to improve your website rankings. It is easy to use and perfect if you have little knowledge about SEO. It is the #1 rated Google Chrome plugin for SEO and allows you to run keyword analysis, scrape data and export to CSV on the fly. There is even a free version that you can try. 

Getting on the top of Google nowadays isn’t easy.

Even if you are a seasoned expert, search algorithms change so quickly that you need to constantly adjust your strategies if you have a blog or an online business that relies on organic search traffic.

It’s even worse for those who are just business owners and don’t have a clue on how to start getting noticed online.

Understanding SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) is the first step to this.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of website design that allows you to increase both the quality and quantity of organic traffic through search engines such as Google and Bing.

Let’s break down some of these definitions further:

Quantity of traffic

This is the amount of people who visit your website every day or every month.

The more Google trusts you, the higher you will go in the search rankings.

If you write about interesting things or have great content on your site, it is more likely to get shared and you can get more traffic over time.

Quality of traffic

You might have a website which sells computer games but if the people who visit are interested in toiletries then you will have trouble selling to them.

Getting quality traffic involves targeting the right keywords so that Google puts your website in front of the people who are actually interested in buying computer games.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

Instead of using paid ads to get visitors to your website, if you rank highly for certain terms you will get natural organic traffic.

This is usually the best form of traffic since it is free and of higher quality than paid traffic.

It all sounds quite complex and the easiest solution would be to hire an SEO company to take care of all this for you.

Unfortunately, they are generally quite expensive and can charge in the thousands for a monthly retainer.

If you are a small business, paying this amount of money just isn’t feasible. So what are some alternative solutions?

The cheaper alternative is to educate yourself with the many guides and videos about the topic and to figure out how to do some SEO yourself.

In order to do the basic research such as competitor research, keyword analysis and website audits you typically need SEO tools.

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools help you improve your website’s position in the search engines by providing you valuable data on metrics such as keyword competitiveness, keyword traffic and competitor backlink profiles to name a few.

These help you strategize and make more informed decisions about what sort of content you should be putting out and how interested searchers are in it.

As you will see different SEO tools serve different purposes.

Some are more focussed on competitor analysis, whilst others are better for keywords.

Others still are great at auditing site structure to measure crawlability on Google.

You should understand your specific requirements before committing to a plan.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below. This is at no extra cost to you – you will be simply helping me put out more helpful content. Rest assured that I stand by these SEO tool recommendations. You can read our full affiliate disclosure here in our privacy policy.

What Are The Best SEO Tools?

The best SEO tools are the ones which help you rank higher on Google. This is dependent on your situation.

If you already have a sprawling site, then tools such as ScreamingFrog are perfect for analysing how “readable” your site is to Google.

If you are in the earlier stages of the process then tools like GrowthBar can help you spy on your competitors so you have ideas on what kind of content you can put on your site.

I wish I could provide a list of features that I look out for but most SEO tools are very different so it is difficult to put them under a single bucket.

Having said that, these are my top picks. 

1. GrowthBar – Best Overall

The main reason why GrowthBar tops this list is that it is incredibly user-friendly. Even if you are a newbie, it is easy to figure out how everything works.

Apart from being intuitive, this Google Chrome extension offers detailed SEO information.

GrowthBar will show you top organic and paid keywords, which is crucial info for determining your ranking strategy.

This extension is great if you want to research keywords used by competitors.

The software will show the “difficulty score,” which describes how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword.

GrowthBar provides keyword suggestions to use when ranking your site. It is fast, and all results are available within a second.

You can export data to CSV files for in-depth analysis.

The only downside is that the tool only functions in Google Chrome.

If you are comfortable with using this browser, the extension will prove to be an invaluable asset in improving your SEO.

Key Features

  • Available as a Google Chrome extension
  • Organic research with keyword suggestions
  • Difficulty score for ranking with a particular keyword
  • Advanced reporting and sharing for teams
  • Export data for easy analysis


  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Keyword suggestions are useful
  • Fast and reliable keyword insights
  • Suitable to research competitors’ keywords


  • Credit card details are required to unlock the Pro version trial
  • Can only be used from Google’s search engine page


The basic GrowthBar version is free, but it doesn’t come with many features. You can see keyword ranking difficulty and domain authority score. 

The Pro edition costs $49/month and unlocks top paid and organic keywords, as well as keyword suggestions and Facebook Ads. Teams have the option of subscribing for a joint package with advanced reporting and sharing for $249/month.

GrowthBar comes with a free trial that lasts five days, but credit card details are required to unlock it.

Try GrowthBar

2. SEMRush – Best All-Around Tool

If you are a digital marketing professional, you will love SEMRush.

It is a collection of more than 40 tools that cover different areas, including SEO, content, advertising, market research, and SMM.

That is everything you might need to boost your online presence.

When it comes to SEO, performing a site audit offers suggestions on how to improve it.

Fixing technical issues is the starting point of climbing the search engine ranking.

SEMRush is a specialized tool that assesses the backlink profile, and keeps an eye on competitor’s analytics.

You can even boost your backlink strategy by automating outreach campaigns. 

As for keyword research, it only takes a couple of clicks to discover a particular keyword’s value.

SEMRush performs organic research to analyze competition and browse over 20 billion keywords.

Thanks to SEMRush’s Keyword Gap feature, it is possible to compare your website to competitors and discover how to improve your presence.

The tool will provide tips on content optimization and distribution, and it includes a platform for posting and analyzing social networks.  

Key Features

  • 40+ tools available
  • On-page and local SEO
  • Keyword research and rank tracking
  • Market research, advertising, and SMM
  • Traffic analytics


  • All-around marketing toolset 
  • Suitable for optimizing ad campaigns
  • Excellent for monitoring website ranking
  • Helps to rank your content better


  • Comes with a learning curve
  • Competitive intelligence add-on is expensive


You can choose between three different plans:

Pro – with a price of $99.95/month, this is the most affordable option. It includes receiving daily updates for up to 500 keywords, 3,000 reports per day, and five scheduled reports.

Guru – at $199.95/month, this plan unlocks multi-targeting within the same project and provides access to historical data.

Business – the plan costs $399.95/month, and it secures most reports and results per day, thousands of keyword metric updates, product listing ads, and other advanced features.

SEMRush will lower their prices if you agree on paying annually. Users can also buy an add-on focused on competitive intelligence for $200/month

Try SEMRush

3. Ahrefs – Best for Beginners

Ahrefs’ biggest advantage is its beginner-friendly interface.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to get the desired information.

You will find tools divided into five different categories – site, content, and keyword explorer, rank tracker, and a site audit.

Those with a huge website might have problems detecting issues with HTML and social tags, or links.

Ahrefs can detect broken pages and 100+ SEO issues that could improve overall website optimization and performance.

The next step is moving to competitors’ sites and analyzing their paid and organic traffic and checking backlink quality. 

Ahrefs is a multi-language tool, and it will provide keyword data for more than 170 countries.

It covers ten different search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc.

Thanks to the rank tracker, you can see your progress at any time. 

Key Features

  • Site audit with a detailed analysis
  • Backlink profiling 
  • Organic and paid traffic research
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Rank monitoring over time


  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners 
  • Keyword explorer supports 170+ countries
  • Ten search engines covered
  • Excellent competitor analysis
  • Detailed reports of SEO progress


  • Lite plan is light in features
  • Limited number of alerts


Ahrefs’ Lite plan costs $99/month, but it is quite modest. It limits you to 10,000 crawl credits, and you can only see the top ten competing pages and 20 keyword positions. 

The Standard plan is more feature-packed since it increases restrictions in the keyword and content explorer. Its price is $179/month.

If you plan on multiple users accessing the account, go for the Advanced plan that costs $399/month. It unlocks three users and allows 25 projects with 5,000 updated keywords in a three-day frequency. This plan also involves mobile ranking, as well as daily backlink and mention alerts. 

With the Agency plan priced at $999/month, you can access five and export two million rows every month. 

You can try Lite and Standard plans during a 7-day trial.

Try Ahrefs

4. Advanced Web Ranking – Best for Multiple Users 

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the longest-running services in the industry.

It was established in 2002 and has improved a lot since.

Today, it combines website ranking with competitor research and custom SEO reporting, which makes the platform more versatile.

Compared to Ahref, the Advanced Web Ranking tracker monitors over 3,000 search engines and delivers updated mobile and desktop keyword rankings.

The tool can provide hourly updates filled with useful information. Local rank tracking is particularly helpful for those businesses focusing on a particular country or region.

AWR is a smart choice if you need to monitor large keyword volumes. It supports Google, Yandex, and other search engines and offers results for over 170 countries.

The competitor analysis is as detailed as it gets since insights even include historical SERP evolution and snapshots. You will receive visibility and market share analysis, too.

Key Features

  • Competitor analysis
  • Scalable SEO reporting
  • Multiple search engine support
  • Detailed rank tracker
  • 170+ countries supported 


  • Excellent for local SEO results
  • Suitable for large keyword volumes
  • No extra charges for additional users
  • Reliable competitor analysis


  • Only available if you register for an account
  • Requires patience with updates sometimes


Advanced Web Ranking requires you to sign up to use the tool. Fortunately, there is a 30-day free trial that only requires confirming your email address. 

As for premium plans, the Starter one costs $49/month, and it provides competitor insights, SERP features, and mobile and local rankings. Although you can add unlimited users and projects, there are limited keyword units for every plan. 

The Pro package costs $99/month and includes 7,000 units and a couple of additional features. If you want hourly updates and the option to import historical rankings, use the Agency plan priced at $199/month

Finally, you receive 35,500 units for $499/month with the Enterprise package. This deal also guarantees priority support and a dedicated account manager. 

Try Advanced Web Ranking

5. Long Tail Pro – Best for Less Competitive Keywords

The name Long Tail Pro comes with a good reason because this tool focuses on discovering the right keywords for your business.

That means it will assist in discovering the keywords that are easier to rank and secure improved traffic across different niches. 

Long Tail Pro allows unlimited projects, but the number of users depends on the plan chosen.

The keyword research tool includes intriguing features like profitability analysis.

It should help in determining whether ranking for a particular keyword is a smart move. SERP analysis is reliable and assists in avoiding the wrong keywords.

Thanks to Long Tail Pro’s integrated rank tracker, you can track your movement up the search engine results.

The system supports email and PDF reports and sends them daily.

Long Tail Pro creators designed various training programs for those interested in leveraging their website content better or improving technical aspects of SEO.

While those programs could be helpful, they are also quite expensive. 

Key Features

  • Keyword research and profitability analysis
  • Rank tracker for multiple keywords
  • Multiple accounts supported
  • Email and PDF reports available
  • Various training options provided


  • Fairly affordable monthly price
  • Multiple users supported with some plans
  • Daily ranking updates for multiple keywords and domains
  • Suitable for long-tail keywords


  • No trial available
  • Doesn’t have an option to analyze backlinks


Long Tail Pro pricing

Compared to GrowthBar, Long Tail Pro doesn’t come with a free option. Instead, you need to choose one of the three premium plans:

Starter – an affordable deal available at $25/month. It includes a rank tracker for 30 keywords and unlimited domains and a limited number of keyword and SERP analysis.

Pro – the plan costs $45/month and raises the limits on keyword research and tracking. It secures daily updates and comes with a template suite.

Agency – with $98/month, this plan supports up to five users and the highest number of keywords and SERP hookups.

Try Long Tail Pro

6. SEOquake – Best for Free On-Page SEO

SEOquake is an SEO plugin for desktop internet browsers.

Compared to GrowthBar, which is only available for Chrome, you can use this toolbox on Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

You can even install the SEOquake GO app on iOS devices to analyze things on the go.

If you are looking for an extension you can use virtually anywhere, this tool’s versatility is a huge advantage. 

After installing this toolkit, visit any webpage to get detailed information about its SEO. It takes a second for the extension to gather and present all details.

Alternatively, head to the specialized dashboard and receive information about the page, domain, and backlinks.

The backlink examiner seems reliable, and domain inspection provides useful results.

The great thing about SEOquake is that all details are gathered in real-time. That means they are as updated and relevant as possible.

The toolbox includes an analysis of search engine result pages (SERPs). It is possible to export the results to a CSV file or print them for analysis. 

Thanks to the high level of customization, it is possible to tailor this extension to your needs by switching and activating particular functions.

If you get stuck, the useful video guide can help you to resolve the problem.

While this is not the most comprehensive SEO toolset out there, it provides more than expected for a free product. 

Key Features

  • Internet browser extension
  • Available for Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and iOS
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Real-time comparison of URLs and domains
  • Data exporting supported


  • Get detailed on-page SEO by merely visiting a page
  • Reliable link examiner with accurate results
  • Real-time information provided at all times
  • All features are completely free


  • Newbies might find some info confusing
  • Not the most advanced tool out there 


Here is the excellent thing about SEOquake – it is entirely free! Don’t hesitate to use it as much as you want without worrying about paying a single cent.

Try SEOquake

7. Sitechecker – Best for Website Monitoring

Do you have a website? If the answer is yes, you can use Sitechecker since it is a valuable asset to all site owners and administrators out there.

This tool focuses on website growth and does that by delivering SEO and site performance details.

It all starts with the on-page checker, which will check for any technical issues with the page’s SEO.

Sitechecker is capable of performing a detailed site audit and delivering a report with suggestions on what to fix.

Backlink tracking is included in the analysis, and the system will send information when you get a new backlink or lose an existing one. 

Sitechecker also excels at site monitoring and tracks everything that happens around the clock. It sends daily reports about your website ranking.

That includes records focused on mobile device searches, as well as local tracking that gathers information from your area.

The tool covers four search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing.

Comparing your website’s performance with the competition can be done via the traffic checker. 

Key Features

  • 24/7 site monitoring
  • Audit reports
  • Daily backlink and rank tracking
  • Four search engines covered
  • Competitor traffic analysis


  • Suitable for anyone owning a website
  • On-page audits provide insightful information
  • Local and mobile rankings included
  • Reliable backlink tracking with daily reports


  • Limited search engine coverage
  • No option for hourly tracking


Sitechecker has three premium plans, and all of them offer the same features. That includes on-page checking, site audit reports, and daily rank and backlink monitoring.

You will also receive email alerts and detailed PDF reporting.

The Lite plan costs $9/month and only covers a single website, and allows 50 keywords and 500 URLs per account.

With $29/month, the Startup plan allows having up to five websites and increases the number of URLs, keywords, and backlinks available. 

You will receive the highest number of websites and other functions with the Growing plan that costs $69/month

Try Sitechecker

8. Authority Labs – Best for Teamwork

Authority Labs is a part of the Traject suite of tools focused on helping digital marketers to achieve better results.

Authority Labs biggest advantage is allowing unlimited users to access the dashboard and create a large number of projects.

That is why this tool is a smart choice for agencies and other teams looking to improve website rankings.

The features available could be divided into two categories – website monitoring and SEO data.

The former comes with a detailed rank tracker that provides true mobile and local tracking.

It delivers daily information so that you always stay in the loop with the website movement in search engine results. 

Authority Labs offers competitor domain tracking to gather valuable information.

It will compare the competition directly to your website, which is a great way to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The tool is fast and reliable, whether you track a single keyword or thousands of different domains. 

Key Features

  • Daily rank checking
  • Global tracking and local results
  • Monitoring competitor domains
  • Keyword research and targeting 
  • Comprehensive reports available 


  • Local results allow gathering info by city, state, or postal code
  • Easy to target keywords with the detailed research
  • Two-week free trial should be enough to assess the tool
  • Unlimited users available with no additional cost


  • No option to change how it sorts the keywords


It should be a piece of cake to find a suitable plan with four different options offered by Authority Labs.

Beginners will appreciate the Plus plan that costs $49/month and includes mobile and local tracking, as well as detailed reports and daily updates.

As for the Pro plan, you will receive white-label reporting and integration with the Google Data Studio for $99/month

Compared to that option, the Pro Plus increases the number of domains (from 100 to 300) and keywords (from 1,000 to 3,000) for $225/month

The most expensive option is for Enterprises, which removes the limit on domain number and allows interface API access. This plan is priced at $450/month.

Try Authority Labs

9. Serpstat – Best One-Stop Solution

Do you hate using multiple SEO apps, and prefer everything included in a single toolset?

If that is the case, you will love Serpstat, which is an all-around solution for digital marketers.

That includes a detailed site audit with URL and domain analysis and competitor research.

Serpstat can suggest keywords and provide suggestions for content creation.

It all starts with keyword research, and Serpstat excels in that area.

You can gather keywords for both paid and organic campaigns, and the software will help to identify their value.

International businesses will appreciate adapting their keywords to different countries and analyzing global keyword trends. 

Compared to Advanced Web Ranking, this tool doesn’t offer hourly rankings. However, their tracker is accurate, and daily updates should cover all your needs.

The reports include detailed statistics and are a valuable asset for both agencies and companies doing their SEO. 

Key Features

  • 20+ essential SEO tools
  • URL and domain analysis
  • Backlink examiner
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Suggestions for content creation
  • Rank tracking


  • All-around SEO tool filled with functions
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Fast and reliable keywords research
  • Competitor analysis helps to position your site better


  • Patience required when auditing large websites
  • No hourly rank tracking


Serpstat offers four different plans:

Lite – at $50/month when paid annually, this plan unlocks all available tools. That includes keyword, website, and backlink, analysis, PPC research, rank tracking, etc.

Standard – it is a plan suitable for small teams. Up to three users can be registered, and you unlock branded reports for $108/month.

Advanced – with this option priced at $217/month, up to five team members can use the platform. You get priority phone support and additional API credits. 

Enterprise – the most extensive plan available costs $362/month and unlocks white-label reports. Users get the highest number of daily queries, API credits, and position checks.

Try Serpstat

10. SEOBility – Best Graphics

The best thing about SEOBility is the graphics that this app offers.

The dashboard is intuitive, and you will feel at home immediately.

Rankings and other statistics include beautiful graphs and charts, which help to understand the data better.

This saves time and shortens the timeframe required for achieving results.

SEOBility starts by focusing on your website and auditing its performance.

It includes checking problematic page titles, meta, and technical data, and looking for duplicated content.

Once you finish the on-page analysis, research your competitors and top content on Google to see what you need to do to reach the famous first page of SERP.

The backlink examiner works flawlessly, and the integrated link building tool offers guidance on how to improve in this area.

SEOBility offers detailed reports that you can export and print for easier monitoring.

The rankings provide separate statistics for desktop and mobile devices, and you can also focus on global and local searches. 

Key Features

  • Site audit tool and website crawler
  • Daily ranking updates
  • Link building tool with a backlink examiner
  • White label reporting
  • PDF and CSV format exports supported


  • Beautiful graphics and intuitive interface
  • Valuable tips for optimizing website’s SEO
  • Detailed analysis of site performance
  • SERP details to assist in discovering topical relevance of keywords


  • Free version comes with limitations
  • Including 15 domains is a maximum, even with the priciest plan


Unlike Long Tail Pro and similar tools, SEOBIlity offers a free version of their software. However, it limits you to a single domain, 100 link checks, and 1,000 crawled pages. 

You can try the Premium plan for 30 days, and it will cost $50/month from that point. Apart from increasing the restrictions, this plan offers city search results, mobile rankings, and competitor backlink analysis.

Professionals should consider the Agency package for $200/month. It allows sharing projects and scheduling crawling times and offers monitoring up to 1,500 keywords and 30 competitors per project.

Try SEOBility

11. SEOptimer – Best for SEO Audits

You would be surprised how fixing minor issues could get you up in the search engine rankings in no time.

SEOptimer is a tool that provides detailed website audits and reporting.

It analyses SEO, usability, performance, security, and social factors of a site, and offers ratings in each area.

The suggestions will reveal how to improve your rating in a particular category.

Keyword analysis will reveal its consistency throughout the page, and discover whether you optimized it properly.

You will receive information on the number of backlinks and warnings about using unfriendly URLs.

SEOptimer provides details on server response and page loading times too.

Users can download detailed reports in 12 different languages.

You can place custom branding on the reports, which is great for agencies.

Embeddable features allow you to generate leads directly from your site.

The only thing that could be better is that large website audits are not that fast.

Key Features

  • Free website analysis
  • Keyword tracking and suggestions
  • Multi-language reports
  • Crawler helps to detect technical SEO issues


  • Site analysis offers useful information
  • Reports available in 12 languages
  • Excellent for on-page optimization
  • Embeddable features come in handy often


  • No smartphone app available
  • Auditing a website might take time


SEOptimer offers a chance to try all its features by using the free trial. Compared to SEOBility, the trial only lasts for two weeks, but it should be enough to test the tool.

DIY SEO is a plan recommended for individuals. It costs $19/month and offers unlimited site reviews, rank tracking for 20 keywords, and suggestions for new keywords. White Label plan is priced at $29/month and enables detailed PDF reporting in 12 languages. 

The most expensive plan is the White Label and Embedding, and it costs $59/month. You can track up to 250 keywords and perform 50 crawls monthly. The embeddable audit tool is a nice touch capable of generating leads straight from your website.

Try SEOptimer

12. LinkMiner – Best for Backlinks

SEO experts understand the power of backlinks and their importance in enhancing organic ranking and referral traffic.

LinkMiner is a backlink-focused tool designed to assist in excelling in this area.

It will save you a lot of time in identifying useful backlinks and repairing broken links.

LinkMiner offers advanced search with different filters available.

You can check out no-follow or do-follow links, and use different parameters to analyze the results.

The number of ways to adjust the settings to your needs is impressive.

The favorites list is a nice touch since it offers an easy way to save any link you might find useful. 

Finding lost backlinks will show any deleted options, and you can also focus your search on the fresh data from the last 30 days.

LinkMiner implemented a link strength analysis based on Alexa rank, trust, and citation flow.

Although this is a work in progress, and there is room for improvement, the results can still offer useful guidance. 

Key Features

  • Link strength assessments
  • Detailed backlink analysis
  • Live backlink preview
  • Save links to the favorites list


  • Easy to identify strong backlinks
  • Favorites list is useful and simple to manage
  • Reliable and accurate in providing results
  • Quick mining of competitors’ backlinks


  • Backlink strength analysis is a work in progress
  • Could use more depth 


If you want to try this premium link building tool, the Basic plan should cover you. It costs $29.90/month and offers 100 keywords and SERP lookups daily and 200 suggestions per search.

Those who work in teams will appreciate the Premium option prices at $39.90/month. It allows up to three users to access the system simultaneously and removes the limit on searching competitor keywords. 

With the Agency plan priced at $79.90/month, ten people can use LinkMiner at the same time, and the maximum number of keyword and SERP lookups is 1,200 per day.

Try LinkMiner

13. Seed Keywords – Most Unique Tool

Seed Keywords gets the prize for being a genuinely unique SEO tool.

The usual approach is to perform an extensive search to find suitable keywords for your rankings.

Seed Keywords does things differently by collecting information from real people and providing the most accurate results possible.

It all starts by designing a scenario.

That involves entering a question or forming a search query in a way that fits your needs.

For example, “if your baby needs a new toy, what would you buy them?” Once you create a scenario, you receive a URL that you can distribute to others.

That is the hard part because it is up to you to find as many people as possible to answer the question.

You can ask friends, post on forums, social networks, or anywhere else where you think relevant results are possible.

Seed Keywords will track the responses, and you will have useful keywords provided by actual people.

This tool gives you an insight into how people think when it comes to your niche, which can be priceless if used properly.

It does take a bit of effort to form a scenario and distribute it, but the good news is that you don’t have to invest anything but time.

Key Features

  • Design scenarios for search queries
  • Distribute the scenario to others by using a URL
  • Check results implemented by real people


  • Useful for gathering real-life data
  • Create as many scenarios as necessary
  • Easy to use and suitable for newbies
  • Completely free with no hidden charges


  • You need to distribute the query to others
  • Not everyone will agree to answer your question


Seed Keywords is an impressive little tool, and the fact that it is entirely free only makes it better. You can create as many scenarios as you want – there are no hidden charges from the creators. 

Try Seed Keywords

14. Pitchbox – Best for Influencers

Pitchbox is one of the the best social content marketing and outreach platforms out there.

If you have top-quality content on your website, want to promote a product or social media profile, this tool can be of great assistance.

After signing up, you get access to a personal dashboard, which comes with a learning curve.

Once you become comfortable with how everything works, you will see the potential of this tool.

It will only take seconds to launch a campaign and find potential partners in the business.

That could vary from other influencers to bloggers and publishers.

You can even look for websites that focus on product reviews as they can be a great way of promoting what you are selling.

Filtering the results is effortless because the tool offers a wide range of different parameters for customization. 

Another Pitchbox feature that we loved is the option to choose an email template.

Not many are available, but they will cover almost all requirements in this area of content marketing.

Whether you want to promote a service or attract followers, you will find this function useful.

The best part is that they include an automatic follow-up to make your job easier. 

Key Features

  • Find bloggers, influencers, and publishers
  • Search for product review sites
  • Useful email templates
  • Different reports available


  • Thorough search of potential partners across the web
  • Tailor outreach emails to your needs
  • Loads of data provided for informed decisions
  • Reports offer useful information for managers and team members


  • No pricing mentioned on the website
  • Could be more intuitive


Pitchbox takes a different approach when it comes to pricing. Instead of offering different plans, they believe in prices tailored to every customer. The process involves requesting a demo and having a meeting with their team. They will provide a quotation based on your needs, and monthly subscriptions are the usual way they do things.

Try Pitchbox

15. WooRank – Best for Fast Website Analysis

WooRank simplifies your digital marketing efforts by providing detailed website analysis, keyword tracking, and other useful SEO tools.

You can track keyword ranking, and get suggestions on which words to use to maximize content value.

Geolocation tracking helps to narrow the results to a particular country or city.

Compared to SEOptimer, WooRank is fast when performing a website audit. Its site crawler is reliable in identifying SEO and security issues.

After the crawling is done, you receive suggestions on how to eliminate duplicate content, indexing errors, and other problems. 

The creators of WooRank also designed Firefox and Chrome extensions, which make some features available within these browsers.

You can check on-page SEO, and analyze SERP in seconds with these extensions.

Detailed reports will help you to come up with sales pitches to boost profit and impress clients.

It is possible to export site crawl data for analysis via the CSV format.

Key Features

  • SEO audit tool and checker
  • Geolocation keyword tracking
  • Detailed website monitoring
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions available 


  • Site crawler does a good job in identifying technical issues
  • Sales tools help with creating successful pitches
  • Extensions are useful and time-saving
  • Fast search times 


  • Comes with a learning curve
  • No extensions for other browsers


WooRank Creators allow a free trial for each of the three following plans:

Pro – the initial plan costs €59.99/month, and it allows you to create a single project. Other features include tracking up to 50 keywords and comparing the website against three competitors.

Premium – with €179.99/month, this plan raises the limits to five websites, 250 keywords, and three competitors per site. It also unlocks white-label PDF reporting with your company’s branding.

Enterprise – this solution offers customized pricing if you need additional projects or keywords, and you also get priority phone support.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually, with the latter offering better rates.

Try WooRank

16. Answer the Public – Best for FAQ Sections

Answer the Public is another SEO asset that focuses on how people think when searching.

Compared to Seed Keywords, Answer the Public analyzes what questions users asked on the chosen topic in the past.

You start by entering the desired query, such as “hot chocolate.”

It is possible to choose from 15 available languages, and tailor results to a specific country.

After clicking Search, the system could take a few seconds to process the request.

Results are available in several categories.

The first section focuses on questions, and it can be useful for creating FAQ sections on websites.

You can see prepositions used with your keyword, as well as comparisons.

Answer the Public also shows an alphabetical overview of all results for detailed analysis.

It uses diagrams to show results, which is attractive, but not always the most convenient way of doing things.

You might find yourself tilting your head because it is impossible to see some results otherwise.

If you lack content ideas, this tool can be of great assistance.

Agencies will appreciate it when building a content strategy, and multi-language support is a nice touch.

It increases versatility and makes the tool accessible to more users.

Key Features

  • Get search insights on various topics
  • Different categories of results available 
  • Results available in 15 languages
  • Compare data over time
  • Customer support for premium plans


  • Get results from a particular country
  • Alphabetical results are convenient
  • Excellent for content ideas
  • Download data in CSV for detailed analysis


  • Limited daily searches with the free version
  • Searches are not that fast


Answer the Public features a free version with limited daily searches. It could be an option for individuals and small businesses. 

The premium version is better for agencies and professionals since it removes restrictions on searches. Multiple users can access the website, and you get data comparison over time and priority customer support. Answer the Public Pro costs $99/month, or $79/month when billed annually.

Try Answer the Public

17. Google Search Console – Best for Site Indexing

Do you want to position your website on the first page of Google’s search results?

If that is the goal, can you imagine better tools to use than those provided by the company?

Search Console is more of a simple utility than an all-around tool.

However, it is entirely free and can provide important insights to site owners and marketing experts.

GSC focuses on your website’s clicks and impressions to provide details about organic traffic.

The software will monitor the pages to identify any potential issues.

If it encounters a problem, it alerts by sending an e-mail. You receive a suggestion with the warning, but the explanation is not always on point.

It might happen that you need to look for a solution that will actually work.

Those who update their websites frequently will appreciate the option to submit URLs and sitemaps for crawling.

It is an easy way of ensuring that Google shows the latest version of your site in search engine results.

Don’t expect any competitor analysis as that was never planned as this utility’s feature.

The integration with other tools is useful, and we loved the option to extract data to Google Analytics.

While GSC might not be enough on its own, combining it with other tools makes it a powerful SEO asset.

Key Features

  • Analyze your website’s clicks and impressions
  • Submit URLs and sitemaps for crawling
  • Notifications for discovered issues
  • Monitoring and tracking pages


  • Helps to ensure Google indexes the latest version of your site
  • Customized reports for mobile devices 
  • Extracting data in Analytics and other tools 
  • Never have to pay anything for the utility


  • No competitor analysis
  • Warnings don’t always come with suitable explanations


Google Search Console is free forever. No limitations exist regardless of how often you use the tool. 

Try Google Search Console

18. Moz – Best with Multiple Search Engines Supported

Moz has a simple name, but it is an incredibly powerful tool.

The best description would be a family of assets focused on improving your website performance and visibility. 

It is hard to select a single feature of Moz since it excels in many categories.

However, we loved how the link building function works. Its focus is on decreasing spammy links and improving high-quality ones.

Link Explorer will measure your backlinks, but also analyze the competition to offer suggestions for link profile enhancement.

Moz provides detailed rank tracking, including the one for mobile devices.

The entire tool has a user-friendly dashboard with beautiful graphics.

If you are a Google Chrome user, you will appreciate the SEO Toolbar available for this browser.

It allows automatic on-page SEO analysis and can be a big time-saver.

Those who need a detailed site audit can always run the website through the tool to get a detailed report. 

Key Features

  • Multiple search engines supported
  • On-demand site audits
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • SEO Toolbar for Google Chrome


  • SERP and competition analysis
  • Suggestions on how to fix issues and improve the site
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface
  • Assists in creating a link building strategy


  • Toolbar only available in Chrome
  • Some plans are expensive


Moz offers premium plans for focusing on global and local searches.

Moz Local offers location data management, deep social media integration, directory submission, and other features.

The prices vary from $129/month to $299/month. The most expensive option includes social posting and review monitoring and management.

As for Moz Pro, four different plans are available.

The cheapest option is $99/month, while the priciest plan is $599/month.

All options involve keyword tracking across multiple search engines, priority support, backlink analysis, and scheduled reports. The difference is in the number of campaigns and queries offered.

Try Moz

19. SpyFu – Best for Competitor Keyword Analysis

Have you ever wondered why your competitors rank so high in search engine results?

The answer might be in using the right keywords for their organic and PPC campaigns.

SpyFu gives you the answer to that question, and provides insightful information to use when designing your marketing strategy.

SpyFu can search for keywords used by any domain to reveal details of that site’s SEO approach.

The number of clicks per keyword lets you know more about the campaign success, and that is vital data for adjusting your strategy.

SpyFu doesn’t offer the most intuitive interface, but comes with a bunch of useful features.

You can export data and get PDF reports of a domain overview. Keyword grouping makes analysis easier, and the system will even suggest the most powerful keywords to use in your campaigns.

Thanks to rankings, you can see your campaign’s success daily.

Users can take advantage of that info to tailor the strategy and secure better results.

Key Features

  • Monitor organic and paid competitor searches
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Data exports and domain overview PDFs
  • Keyword grouping


  • Provides insight into the competitors’ keyword performance
  • Suitable for preparing PPC campaigns
  • Track keyword ranking


  • Not the most intuitive interface
  • Data provided might not always be up to date


SpyFu provides a free trial for all three premium plans. Regardless of the option you select, it won’t restrict you with search results and data exports. 

The most affordable option is the Basic plan priced at $33/month. It shows 10,000 top list results and provides 5,000 rankings weekly. 

If you want to increase this and your lead limits, upgrade to the Professional plan. With $58/month, it will also enable custom-branded reporting and API row search. 

Those working in teams will appreciate the Team plan. For $199/month, you can register up to five user accounts.

Try SpyFu

20. Mangools – Best for SERP Analysis

Mangools is another all-around attempt at providing a toolkit that will meet all needs of digital marketers.

Compared to LinkMiner, this is a more comprehensive tool that performs keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. 

The best feature of Mangools is their assessment of keyword difficulty.

You will find results very reliable, which comes in handy when choosing the right keywords to rank your website. 

Detailed backlink analysis will assist in building a strong link profile and moving up the rankings.

Thanks to SERP analysis, you can monitor all ranking movements easily.

Pick between DMA regions, cities, or countries to get detailed results. 

Mangools is capable of assessing the authority rating of any website. This includes Alexa Rank, trust flow, Facebook shares, and other common metrics.

The designers made sure everything looks beautiful and user-friendly, so don’t expect any learning curve with the tool.

Although it might not have a large database, it provides sufficient information to take your site to a better position in search engine results. 

Key Features

  • SEO difficulty assessment
  • Backlink analysis
  • SERP analysis available for 52,000 locations
  • Competition website authority details


  • Find keywords that are easier to rank
  • Beginner-friendly interface with no learning curve
  • Detailed analysis of search engine ranking movements
  • Insightful competitor analysis with useful information


  • Other SEO tools might have a larger database
  • Even the most expensive plan comes with some limitations


Mangools uses the common formula of offering multiple plans and allowing users to choose. 

The Basic version costs $29.90/month, and it unlocks 100 keyword lookups and 200 suggestions. 

If you go for the Premium plan, it allows up to three users to use the platform at the same time for $39.90/month. 

Finally, the Agency option raises the limits to the max, but it doesn’t remove them completely. For $79.90/month, you get ten simultaneous logins, 700 keyword suggestions, and 150 site lookups.

Try Mangools

21. Fat Rank – Best for Quick Results

Fat Rank is a convenient free tool that comes in handy when you need to get ranking reports quickly.

The extension is only available for Google Chrome, which means everything works within this browser.

You can perform the desired search and receive results in seconds – it can’t get faster than that.

The great thing about Fat Rank is that you can see how your competitors rank, too.

If they are positioned better for a particular keyword, that implies you will need to design a strategy for outranking them. 

We loved the option to see the results for a particular country.

It is great for international websites available in different locations.

Fat Rank will provide results for each country, and makes it easy to identify where you could rank better. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t check rankings beyond the first 100 positions.

If your site doesn’t rank in the first 100 positions for the entered keyword, the tool doesn’t provide the exact ranking. The administrators explain they did that for speed, but it also takes away a bit of the extension’s usefulness.

It is possible to export results to a CSV file. This allows saving them for later and comparing your rankings.

Although it requires a bit of manual work, it is a way to determine the progress made for a particular keyword. 

Key Features

  • Google Chrome extension
  • Rank checker for various keywords
  • Search results from different countries
  • Unlimited searches available


  • Fast ranking reports
  • Completely free to use
  • Exporting enables detailed analysis
  • Tailor results to a particular country


  • Only available as a Chrome extension
  • Doesn’t check rankings beyond the first 100 positions


This small utility comes 100% free of cost. Fat Rank will never charge a single cent for using the tool.

Try Fat Rank

22. Ubersuggest– Best for Content Ideas

You probably heard of the famous marketer Neil Patel, an entrepreneur that offers various assets to those who want to grow their business.

Ubersuggest is a part of the SEO toolset designed by this marketing guru.

It focuses on analyzing a domain to identify potential keywords and content ideas to improve it.

Ubersuggest is free, but registering an account is required by the service.

You can perform all the desired actions from a user-friendly dashboard. Entering a keyword or a domain name will show insights for the chosen query.

Content ideas are a nice touch if you don’t have any inspiration at the moment. It is possible to export all data by using CSV files.

Backlink assessment seems reliable, and Ubersuggest provides a detailed list of new and lost backlinks.

You can use other features of the SEO and traffic analyzer that come as a part of this tool, including a site audit, top page identifier, etc.

Key Features

  • Analyze a domain quickly
  • Backlink assessment
  • Keyword and content ideas
  • Part of an SEO toolkit


  • Free to receive keyword and content ideas
  • Backlink analysis seems reliable
  • Tailor suggestions to a particular country
  • Use other tools available, too


  • Limitations for rank tracking in premium plans 
  • Annoying pop-ups calling you to register


Ubersuggest can remain a free tool because using it won’t cost a single dime. 

If you want to take things to the next level, you can sign up for a premium plan. The cheapest option includes a Basic plan that costs $12/month. You get SEO training and support, rank monitoring for 100 keywords and limited features related to backlinks, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

You can increase the number of projects and other restrictions with a Business ($20/month) and an Agency plan ($40/month). All options also have a one-time lifetime subscription offer. 

Try Ubersuggest

23. Siteliner – Best for Finding Duplicate Content

Every SEO campaign starts with your website and identifying any potential technical issues with it.

Google doesn’t like duplicate content and broken links, which is where Siteliner comes into play.

This is a web-based tool that explores your websites and looks for areas that could be improved.

Siteliner is not the most comprehensive tool out there, especially when compared to Sitechecker and similar utilities.

However, it is great at what it does, which means it will show accurate and reliable results for broken links and duplicate content.

Using this tool is simple – all it takes is to enter the website address and execute the search.

You will need to be patient because scanning takes time and depends on the site size.

Results are shown on a separate page with top issues listed at the top.

If Siteliner identifies any duplicate content, it will display it immediately so that you know what to change.

The same applies to broken links, which are shown in a table with useful details like URL and page power.

Siteliner offers interesting comparisons to other sites, such as page loading times or the number of words per page.

The designers used graphs to present this information to make the data visually attractive. 

Key Features

  • Website exploration
  • Duplicate content identification
  • Broken links finder
  • Site reports and XML sitemaps


  • Sitemaps are useful
  • Convenient graphs for various results
  • Easy way to identify broken 
  • Results seem accurate and reliable


  • Slow scanning process, especially with large sites
  • Complicated pricing for the premium version


Siteliner is completely free with the restriction of providing analysis of sites that don’t have over 250 pages. If you want to increase this limit to 25,000 pages, you will need Siteliner Premium. The service charges 1c per page, which means the monthly cost might vary.


Try Siteliner

24. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – Best Downloadable Tool

Screaming Frog is a UK-based digital marketing agency, and SEO Spider is its website crawler software.

The unique thing about it is that you have to download it since it is not available online.

You can pick from Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu versions.

It is not the lightest tool out there, so make sure there is enough room on your hard drive. 

SEO Spider is a surprisingly fast website crawler. This makes it suitable for auditing large websites since it can be a huge time-saver.

The basics seem well-covered, and you can expect reliable identification of broken links and duplicate content.

Redirects will also be audited, as well as metadata and page titles. That will help you to find meta titles and descriptions that might be missing or too short. 

Xpath allows you to extract data like prices, headings, or social media tags.

You can create XML sitemaps with a single click, and site architecture visualization can also come in handy. 

Key Features

  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu
  • Website crawler packed with features
  • Metadata analysis and XML sitemaps
  • Discover duplicate content and redirects


  • Simple XML sitemap generation
  • Integration with Google tools is supported
  • Suitable to use on all popular operating systems
  • Crawling JS websites can be useful


  • Requires downloading and installation
  • Yearly subscription is the only premium option


Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a freemium tool. That means you can use limited features for free while unlocking its full potential is priced at £149/year. No option for a monthly subscription exists, which is surprising since a yearly license is expensive.

The free version will identify broken links, page SEO issues, and duplicate content. However, you get functions like JavaScript rendering and integration with various tools with the premium plan.

Try Screaming Frog SEO Spider

25. Keywords Everywhere – Best for Trend Charts

Digital marketing experts and site owners focus on Google, but useful information can be obtained from various sources.

That is why Keywords Everywhere gathers data from 16 different websites, such as Bing, YouTube, etc.

The critical thing to pinpoint is that the data is accurate.

We loved the trend charts provided by the Keywords Everywhere, especially since you can see historical data from 2004.

You can get insights to see whether a particular keyword loses or gains popularity over time.

We loved the related keywords feature since it offers suggestions on searches similar to your query.

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome and Firefox extension.

You will need to use one of these browsers to work with the tool.

That has many advantages, such as being able to see useful information on the search engine results page. 

Key Features

  • Firefox and Chrome extensions
  • Free and premium versions
  • Related keywords and trend charts
  • 16 search engines and sites supported


  • Receive accurate data from various sources
  • Historical data available from 2004
  • More than a dozen sources for acquiring the information
  • Data embedded directly in the browser


  • Premium version requires signing up for an API key
  • Complex pricing mechanism


Using Keywords Everywhere for free, but if you want more detailed results, a premium version is a smart choice. The tool uses an interesting pricing mechanism.

Instead of purchasing a classic plan, you buy credits. Each keyword is worth one credit, and you have different deals available. For example, $10 will buy 100,000 credits, but $1,000 grants you ten million points. You can use these credits on the website until you run out.

Although it might seem more honest, the mechanism seems a bit complex, and it might end up being expensive for frequent users.

Try Keywords Everywhere


How long does it take to rank with SEO?

Usually, it takes around 4 – 6 months to rank for a keyword depending on what niche you are in.

The more competitive the niche is the longer it takes to rank even if you have great content.

This is because your competitors typically have much higher domain authority (DA) which means Google trusts them a lot.

With a low DA, your content may be buried deep in the search results.

To build up trust you will need to get backlinks to your sites.

These are references to your website from other domains and signals that you have quality content that is worth linking to.

Acquiring these early on is important to move up in the rankings.

How much money should I spend on SEO?

Hiring an SEO specialist costs around $80-100/hour or around $800-$1,000/month. These can help you scale low traffic sites effectively.

If you have a much larger website then it’s best to choose a digital marketing agency. They have the manpower and technical expertise to manage complex jobs and cost around $18,000/month.

The cheapest but most time intensive route is going for SEO tools – these range from free to $100/month.

This is considerably cheaper than the previous two options but bear in mind you need specialized knowledge to use these tools to rank your site.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, you can do SEO on your own if you have the right knowledge on the different strategies.

I manage all the SEO on this blog and learned a lot by reading dedicated SEO blogs, watching videos on SEO and listening to podcasts.

Here is a list of things you can do to improve your SEO knowledge:

  1. Listen to podcasts, watch videos and read SEO blogs
  2. Understand who your readers are
  3. Learn how to use the tools I talked about for keyword research
  4. Ensure that your posts and pages align with SEO best practices
  5. Build up trust in your website by gaining backlinks
  6. Monitor your traffic with Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Is SEO difficult?

Yes. You need to keep on top of search engine algorithm updates as well as acquire knowledge across multiple areas in order to do well in SEO.

There isn’t a single formula that can guarantee you success in the space.

It isn’t just about producing high quality content – it’s also about understanding what keywords to target and acquiring backlinks.

SEO helps you build domain authority (DA) and trust allowing you to climb higher up the search engines.

You need to be well versed in content marketing, topic research, WordPress configuration and outsourcing in order to rank a site effectively and quickly.

Are there free tools which I can use for SEO?

Yes there are many free tools you can use. However, in my opinion I would always choose to opt for paid tools.

Paid tools typically have more accurate data and more features to speed up your decision making. If you still want to use free tools, this is what I recommend:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Keyword Hero
  4. Screaming Frog
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Moz Link Explorer
  7. Google Trends


Defining what content you write and to whom is probably the most important thing you need to consider when setting up your website.

Using quality SEO tools will provide you with the data you need to make these decisions.

If you are serious about ranking your website then you should find the best SEO tool for the job.

Luckily, most of them have a free trial so you can test drive before committing. I hope that this guide has given you some insights into the best SEO tools.

Which tool did you end up using? Let me know in the comments. 

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