My Story

“I can buy anything I want but I can’t buy time.” – Warren Buffet

I love this quote by Warren Buffet because it so simply summarises my objective in this blog – to help you free up your time by generating multiple passive income streams. 

So, who am I?

Eddie Litonjua


My name is Eddie and I’ve built two successful online businesses on e-commerce and lead generation. I created this website to curate the most interesting business models and tools that can help you achieve financial freedom. Here is my story.

1992 – Awakening to a new life in the Philippines

September 10, 1992 – 11:13pm – that was my exact date of birth. No complications luckily (my younger brother was not so fortunate – he had an umbilical cord wrapped around his head). 

I was born into a very loving family and spent the first year of my life living with my grandparents.

My first memory was actually being scared by an owl alarm clock that rung in my room. Looking back upon it now, I’m not sure why I was scared haha. I remember just being 1 at that time.

I remember being a very sickly child and always had fevers and illnesses during the night. I also loved being driven in cars and had a strange ritual in the evening where I needed to be driven around before sleeping. I also had a very adorable little snow man called Mimi, whose cute button nose I had bitten off. To this day, he is still with me back in my house in Manila. 🙂

1996 – Still enjoying the simplicities of life

I was still enjoying the simplicities of life when I was 4 years old. To be honest, I wish I could remember more of my life from this period. I have vague memories of playing in the garden, the most vivid of which was when I woke up one morning to see small mushrooms growing. I found that so cool!

My uncle bought me one of those small cars which I loved to ride around the garden. It was a great gift and I think he knew that I was into cars because of my habit of needing to be driven around before I slept. 😛 

For some strange reason, I didn’t really smile much as a child – but that didn’t reflect on how content and happy I was with life. This habit continued right up until when I was 10. I even remember being asked by the teacher in a school musical to smile. 

2004 – The nerd phase

My parents enrolled me at the age of 6 in this educational program called Kumon. I had to do Math and English worksheets every day. For the year, I cried a lot because I didn’t like it but then I gradually became desensitised (and actually started to enjoy) to the work. 

I even remember doing my Kumon during my school breaks instead of playing with the kids around. I was a true geek – you could even see it in my pictures haha.

One good thing that came out of this was that I was able to get really good grades. I remember being able to ace almost every math test and math problem that came to me. This academic success persisted throughout my time in school until I graduated near the top of my class.


2011 – Cambridge University – A rude awakening

Because of my religious studying, I managed to secure a position to read mathematics in Cambridge University. It was a university steeped with tradition and even their buildings reflected this. The red brick building in the picture where my first year dorm was is over 200 years old!


University was the first place where I had an intimate experience with failure. You see, I was used to being on top of the class and when you suddenly find yourself in the bottom half, you begin to question why you were there in the first place.

I experienced this throughout my 3 years in university and had a severe case of Impostor Syndrome (I felt I did not belong here). I dabbled in so many different things to try to find meaning and purpose in life. I joined a juggling group, a Hare Krishna society and even did a volunteering  group (where I helped build the world’s largest balloon pyramid). 


None of these really provided me any lasting fulfilment but it did give me the feeling that I needed to experiment more to find myself

2015 – UCL – The wild phase

Surprisingly, it was during my masters that I had the so-called “wild phase”. I began working out, tracking my macros religiously and trying to add structure to my life. One of my goals at that time was to get better at talking with girls and I took the plunge in the deep end by joining the cheerleading team

As the only guy on the team, I managed to improve my anxiety and conversational skills with girls. Many of my friends at that time saw me as a player – this is a far cry from the geek I once was back in my high school and undergraduate days. It showed me how malleable you can really be and more importantly how you can choose who you want to be!

2020 – Bunkering down and getting serious 

In 2020, I started seriously thinking about how I could up skill myself. Part of that was freeing myself up from having to work full time. Don’t get me wrong, I like my current job but having the freedom and autonomy to dictate your own schedule and be your own boss was the ultimate prize.

I started an e-commerce store that grew to five figures in revenue a month and an online lead generation business that currently nets me $250/month in pure passive income. It was at this point in time that I decided to start this blog Passive Income Tree and share what I have learnt. 

If you’ve read up to this point, thank you. I hope that you have a life filled with freedom, love and happiness.