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Who runs Passive Income Tree?

Hey there my name is Eddie and I pretty much write all the content that you see in this blog. 

My journey into personal finance started when I was in college – back then I was trying to run a little smoothie business. I was passionate about health and wanted to share my love of home made smoothies. Long story short, it wasn’t a success but that experience sparked my first interest in business.

Fast forward a couple of years, today I’ve pretty much tried every online business model under the sun – Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing ect. 

Some were great successes – one of my dropshipping stores made $1,000 in revenue a day (selling pink pig plushies and cute phone cases believe it or not!). 

Others were complete failures – Amazon removed 634 of my air purifier units from their inventory after a single complaint from a customer. (Lesson – please do some due diligence on your suppliers before bulk ordering).

Why start Passive Income Tree?

With so many different ways of making money online – I wanted to share my knowledge and give you tips and tricks that you can use to make some extra cash.

Using my experience as a strategy consultant, I deconstruct and review in detail the different business models. 

I also go provide you with my thoughts on the best software you can use to run these online businesses. 

The mission of this site is to help you escape the 9 – 5 by sharing with you ideas and knowledge on different online business models that can help you make money.

If this excites you, then this blog is for you!